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Lanza also was in daily contact with nominees to offer coaching and counseling. The transition official also said Republican strategist Ron Bonjean served as a jack-of-all-trades helping with nominee media relations. Despite these elaborate preparations, Trump had fewer confirmed picks by Inaugural Day than prior presidents. While Trump has announced his Cabinet picks, according to an analysis updated by the Washington Post on Friday , he has selectednominees for only 30 of the 690 key executive-branch positions that require Senate confirmation. The transition team official suggested this was a factor of the secrecy surrounding Trumps confirmation operations. Theres a large difference between not having them announced and not having them filled. A number of these positions have been secured and they have yet to be announced, the official said. It will be announced in short order because we have to have our Cabinet nominees selected and starting to go through สูตรบาคาร่า the process. Now, that weve had our Cabinet nominees selected, the heads of agencies and the various sub-Cabinet level deputy positions will be announced. Ueland said the sherpas worked with the transition teams policy and legislation teams to solidify their agendas and prepare questions for the mock hearings. He described it as a rigorous process that included people doing extensive prep work to get into character as members of the Senate. Theres a lot of study and research done on each individual member, their priorities, their policies, how they work, what they do when theyre at a committee hearing, how they go about formulating questions, how they interact with witnesses, Ueland said. We have staff who support the confirmation process here who spent weeks studying individual members of the Senate in order to take on more fully who they are and how they operate in a committee environment. Some of the mock hearings have involved actual members of Congress. However, Trumps team is staying tight-lipped about the elected officials who are helping with the process.

Pennsylvania gambling revenue tops $3.2 billion for new record in 2016 LNP file photo Hollywood Casino is shown in a file photo. Casino gambling in Pennsylvania reached a new record level of revenue in 2016, raking in $3.2 billion through table games and slot machines in the calendar year, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board announced Tuesday. The 2016 record was a 1.25 percent increase from the year before and brought total Pennsylvania gaming revenue to nearly $26 billion in the 10 full years of legalized casino gambling. All but two of those years showed an increase from the year before, and the total revenue has eclipsed $3 billion for six straight years. The news comes amidst ongoing conversations among state lawmakers who believe expanding gambling beyond Pennsylvanias 12 casinos could generate more taxable revenue for the state. Republican lawmakers from Lancaster County have in the past repeatedly opposed the expanded gaming proposals that include legalizing online gaming platforms or licensing more slot machines. Democratic Rep. Mike Sturla, of Lancaster city, has said he is putting together a proposal to license around 30,000 to 40,000 additional gaming machines that could generate hundreds of millions in additional tax revenue. Bars and places like the Lancaster Elks Lodge or the Veterans of Foreign Wars posts have expressed interest in such proposals. According to the gaming board , slot machine revenue in 2016 was $2,360,184,122, about $5 million less than the year before, while table games revenue was $853,238,055, about $41 million more than 2015. Taxed revenue for the year reached nearly $1.4 billion, and about $13.3 billion in taxes and licensing fees has been collected since 2006.

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Joels appealing dopiness, Nelsons vibrating energy, and Stevens usual intensity all count for a lot as well. People dont normally go to Japanese-style monster movies for great acting, but this film relies so much on character dynamics that its a tremendous relief when the cast rises to the occasion. And the movies aesthetics are terrific, particularly the emotionally intense score from ever-reliable Battlestar Galactica composer Bear McCreary and the glowing sunlit cinematography by Eric Kress. The homey interior of Oscars sports bar, Glorias late-night and early-morning sojourns around town, the bleached-out flashbacks exploring how the kaiju happened theyre all beautifully shot. But beyond the films strong look and feel, its memorable because the script is so bizarre and unexpected, so confident and daring about what its trying to do. In subtle ways, its also witty and knowing. Vigalondo builds a whole subplot out of the ways people react to giant monsters in their midst, with Internet memes and viral videos and livestreaming cameras, and inevitably by choosing to identify in specific, instantly recognizable ways with something they dont understand. No matter how unrealistic pieces of the movie get, ideas like the online reaction to Glorias monster feel not just real, but sly and smart and tapped in to the zeitgeist. Colossal can be off-putting, and unapologetic about it. But its all-in on its strange central monster conceit, on its cruel character dynamics, and on its rough, dark sense of humor.

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